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    Whether you're skywatching with just your eyes, with binoculars, or with a telescope, a planisphere star chart like the Star Target is an essential tool you'll use time and time again. It's an invaluable reference tool for learning the constellations, identifying stars, and locating popular bright celestial objects such as galaxies, open and globular star clusters, and nebulas.The easy to use Orion Star Target Planisphere is a rounded star chart map which you rotate in its housing to dial in the date and time. Once the preferred date and time is dialed in, the Star Target displays a nicely detailed map of the current night sky. You can then rotate the Star Target to get a sneak peek of what objects will become visible as the night goes on, or to see when objects will be ideally positioned in the sky for observation through a telescope or pair of binoculars. It's easy to plan an entire night of stargazing fun in advance with the handy Orion Star Target, since it can tell you when and where your favorite objects and constellations will be visible. The affordable Orion Star Target Planisphere features a detailed star map drafted by renowned celestial cartographer Wil Tirion. It shows all constellations visible from mid-northern latitudes ranging from 40-deg North to 60-deg North, as well as the locations of 100 showpiece star clusters, nebulas, and galaxies for viewing with binoculars or a telescope. The Star Target's map works year-round and year after year.The Star Target is a must-have for any stargazer, regardless of skill-level, but it is especially useful for beginners. The planisphere is made of coated, dew-resistant cardboard, and measures 8-3/8" in diameter, so it's easy to stow just about anywhere. You just dial in the date and time, and -- voila! -- Star Target displays a current map of the night sky. On the back are simple directions plus viewing tips and a calendar of annual meteor showers. A must for any stargazer, especially beginners.
    Orion tele-extenders permit high-magnification "eyepiece projection" photography of the Moon and planets with a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. Orion tele-extenders are designed to fit all Celestron and Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. Made of anodized aluminum, the tele-extender fits over a 1.25" telescope eyepiece, with one end threading onto the eyepiece holder (visual back) of the telescope, and the other end threading into the T-ring (sold separately) attached to your DSLR camera body. This Standard Tele-Extender is a fixed-length cylinder that provides a single projection magnification depending on the focal length of the eyepiece you use. Some 1.25" telescope eyepieces have housings that are too wide to fit inside the tele-extender.
    A T-ring converts a SLR or DSLR camera mount to a standard T-thread. All camera adapters and universal camera adapters will fit this T-thread. This wide (48mm) T-ring supports full 35mm format cameras. A wide format T-ring is needed for astrophotographic applications using a Nikon DSLR or SLR camera and a focal-reducer / corrector lens.
    The Orion Zero Profile Camera Adapter couples your camera to a telescope for prime-focus astrophotography. The zero-profile design provides closest possible in-travel for cameras in any 2" telescope focuser. Many prime focus camera dapters for use with astrophotography telescopes have housings which can add distance between your imaging camera and the focal plane. This can make it difficult to achieve focus with certain astrohphotography camera and telescope combinations. Not so with the Orion 2" Zero-Profile Prime Focus Camera Adapter, which couples your camera to a telescope for prime-focus astrophotography. This handy adapter threads directly into the T-ring (sold separately) for your single lens reflex/digital single lens reflex (SLR/DSLR) camera body and is also threaded for 2" telescope filters.The Orion Zero Profile Camera adapter fits 2" telescope focusers on refractor and reflector telescopes. This extremely versatile astrophotography accessory will help you capture images with telescopes equipped with 2" focusers.
    This Orion telescope eyepiece adapter lets you use an eyepiece with a barrel diameter that is different from that of your telescope's focuser or star diagonal. Thumbscrew holds the eyepiece securely. Made of anodized aluminum. Use 1.25" telescope eyepieces in a .965" focuser or diagonal.
    This Orion Eyepiece Adapter lets you use a telescope eyepiece of a different size from your telescope's focuser or star diagonal. Internal compression ring holds 1.25" telescope eyepieces securely, without scratching. Black-anodized aluminum. Use 1.25" eyepieces in a 2" focuser or diagonal.
    For anything more than casual use you need a tripod that's very stable, strong enough to withstand some serious abuse, and yet moves with fluid smoothness. Our Orion Paragon XHD extra heavy-duty professional field tripod fills the bill, providing extra heavy-duty support for giant binoculars, cameras, spotting scopes, and telescopes such as the Orion ShortTube 80 Refractor telescope, Apex 90, 102 and 127 Maksutov-Cassegrain telescopes, spotting scopes, and Resolux and Giant View binoculars. The Orion XHD Paragon-Plus Tripod is constructed almost exclusively of aluminum, making it stronger at key stress points where other tripods fail. It features large, adjustable aluminum-tube legs with robust lock levers for convenient setup and takedown. Each leg features graduated reference etchings so you can quickly and easily extend each leg to the same preferred length - a great timesaver when trying to setup gear in a hurry. The legs are tri-braced to the center elevator housing for extra stability. This paragon-plus tripod is 67-inches tall when fully extended, putting binoculars easily at eye level for most people.
    Enjoy motion as smooth as silk with the Orion Tritech II Compact 3-Way Fluid Pan Head. Attach this stable pan head to a monopod or compact tripod for superior motion control. You'll be amazed at the precision and buttery smooth motion this tiny performer is capable of. With three axes of rotation, the Tritech II Compact 3-Way Fluid Pan Head provides 360-degrees of azimuth motion, 180-degrees of altitude motion, and 90-degrees of lateral tilt to attached instruments. A simple twist of the easy-grip pan handle adjusts altitude tension for fast and efficient performance. With a load capacity of up to 11 lbs., this smooth operator is an ideal match for spotting scopes, point-and-shoot and DSLR cameras, L-adapter equipped binoculars, and much more. This precise pan head is the perfect match for the pleasantly portable Orion Tritech II-M Pro Monopod (sold separately). Made of rugged magnesium alloy with a built-in bubble level, the Orion Tritech II Compact 3-Way Fluid Pan Head features a 3/8" threaded socket with a removable 1/4"-20 insert to allow secure coupling to monopod or tripod assemblies. A nifty auto-locking QR-20 quick-release shoe with 1/4"-20 threaded post and D-ring makes attachment and detachment of cameras and other instruments fast and easy. Weighs just 11.5oz. Pan head only.
    Optimize your astrophotos and completely eliminate camera noise and "hot pixels" with this opaque filter. It blocks all light from your camera's imaging sensor, making dark frame acquisition easy. Pesky camera noise can ruin astrophotos by leaving distracting bright spots and unwanted fixed patterns on your captured exposures. Dark frame acquisition helps remedy such noise and "hot pixels" by canceling out these disruptive effects during image processing. This handy filter ensures your acquired dark frames will be completely free of unwanted stray light and reflections for great results.The 1.25" Dark Frame Imaging Filter is threaded for direct attachment to 1.25" camera nosepieces or 1.25" filter wheels and sliders. When installed in a filter wheel or filter slider accessory, the Orion 1.25" Dark Frame Imaging Filter can be used to automate dark frame capture, saving you valuable time and effort while enhancing image quality. The included foam-lined plastic case will keep your Dark Frame Imaging Filter safe during transport and storage.
    This versatile filter acts like a dimmer switch for your telescope, toning down the brightness of the Moon or planets to a level that is comfortable. The reduction in brightness and glare unmasks detail in your viewing subject and greatly improves contrast. The filter consists of two high-grade glass polarizing filters in a rotating cell that allows you to adjust the amount of light transmission from 1% to 40%. Such control is highly desirable for lunar observing because the Moon's brightness varies with its phase. The filter is great for terrestrial observing too, especially on sunny days. The filter has an anodized aluminum cell, which threads into the barrel of any standard 2" eyepiece. Storage case included.
    The S-II filter passes light at the 672.4nm wavelength (the Sulfur-II line in the deep red end of the visual spectrum) with very high 90 percent transmission and a bandpass of 7nm. It complements the Orion H-alpha and Oxygen-III extra-narrowband filters, which together allow advanced tricolor imaging of emission nebulas with the StarShoot Deep Space Monochrome CCD Imaging Camera or other monochrome CCD cameras. So if you're ready to go beyond RGB imaging and capture your favorite nebulas in a revealing new light - no matter how light-polluted your skies -- add our S-II (and O-III and H-alpha) Extra-Narrowband filter to your imaging arsenal! Includes protective plastic case.
    You can't turn up the luminosity on nebulas, but you can crank up the contrast between them and the sky to reveal more of their wondrous detail. Our Oxygen-III filter provides extremely selective filtration to bring out elusive detail in diffuse and planetary nebulas. It does so by transmitting close to 90% of the light corresponding to the two oxygen-III spectral lines at 496nm and 501nm while completely blocking virtually all other wavelengths. The results are remarkable. You'll see more detail than you ever could before in nebular gems such as the Swan, Ring, Dumbbell, Helix, and Eagle, to name a few. The O-III provides an even greater contrast boost on some objects than the UltraBlock narrowband filter. And for nebulas, every little bit helps! Try the O-III with a low-power 2" eyepiece and take in the whole Veil Nebula. Wow!
    This useful telescope eyepiece filter transmits 25% of incoming light. It's ideal for viewing crescent Moon phases and for smaller-aperture telescopes, for which less dimming is required.When the Moon is in its crescent phase, it does not produce as much glare as when it is full or waxing, but filtration is still recommended to achieve optimal view quality. When looking at the Moon in relatively small (60mm-80mm) telescopes, the brightness is not as distracting as in larger telescopes, but some filtration is required to get the best observations. To improve contrast and tone down glare easily in these situations, we recommend using a neutral-density 1.25" Orion 25% Transmission Moon Filter. This inexpensive accessory threads directly into a 1.25" eyepiece barrel and blocks 75% of the light gathered by the telescope. Once installed on a 1.25" telescope eyepiece, the Orion 25% Transmission Moon Filter will bring out considerably more lunar surface details thanks to the boosted contrast. Not only will more surface features and details pop out, but you can study them in greater comfort, thanks to Moon Filter reducing overall brightness without altering color. This neutral-density telescope eyepiece filter reduces irradiation, which is the distortion at the boundary between light and dark areas, such as along the lunar terminator. Using a Moon filter also helps conserve dark-adapted vision while viewing the lunar surface.
    This super-small monocular is so compact and portable, you'll want to take it everywhere you go. The truly pocket-sized 8x20 Compact Monocular delivers 8x magnification to make distant objects appear 8 times closer. Use it anywhere you go for close-up views without hassling with a larger, more bulky instrument. This pint-sized performer is perfect for travel, hiking, camping, sports events, trips to the theater, or just exploring around the backyard. The Orion 8x20 Compact Monocular features a helical focus mechanism for sharp, detailed views. Fully coated optics throughout the monocular ensure high light transmission to take full advantage of light gathered by its 20mm objective lens. Featuring a 5.5-degree field-of view the monocular has a 2.5mm exit pupil. Measuring just 2-7/8" long and weighing only 2.3 oz., the 8x20 Compact Monocular is ideal for all types of daytime viewing, and its small size makes it easy to stow in a pocket. This multi-purpose device includes a handy Microscope Stand which can be used on its own or in combination with the monocular. On its own, the Microscope Stand performs as a 3x magnifying loupe, perfect for studying maps, charts, and more at 3-power magnification with helical focus control. For more powerful performance, attach the included thread-on Microscope Stand to the 8x20 Monocular to turn it into a 30x field microscope. A built-in clear plastic base positions the attached monocular at the perfect height for 30-power examinations of small objects such as insects, coins, leaves, seeds, plants, and much, much more. The clear plastic base allows subjects to be illuminated with ambient light, while helical focus mechanisms on both the Monocular and Microscope Stand allow you to obtain amazingly sharp, detailed views. A fun and unique gift for anyone who enjoys exploring, the multi-purpose Orion 8x20 Compact Monocular with 30x Microscope Stand is sure to encourage the curious nature of anyone who gets their hand on it!
    Effectively cleans filmy residue at the microscopic level. Increases resolution and light transmission, restoring optics to their original performance level. Will not damage optical coatings. Also reduces dew formation.
    This externally mounted Polar Scope makes it easy to quickly align the Sirius Pro AZ/EQ-G Mount with the northern or southern celestial pole for accurate tracking and GoTo object location performance. The Polar Scope features a rugged cast-metal mounting bracket complete with a built-in bubble level for accurate alignment . No tools are required for attachment, as the Illuminated Polar Scope utilizes captive knobs already built-in to the Orion Sirius Pro Mount head. With a 20mm clear aperture and a dual-hemisphere reticle, the Orion Illuminated Polar Scope for Sirius allows swift and accurate polar alignment from any location in the world. An included illuminator device fits on the front of the Polar Scope to make the crosshair reticle easy to see at night. The illuminator is powered by a single button cell CR2032 battery (included). The reticle focus can be adjusted, as can the amount of illumination so you can choose how bright or dim the reticle pattern appears to match your preference. The Orion Illuminated Polar Scope for Sirius Pro Mount weighs just 10.7 oz., and measures 6" x 5.5" x 2".
    Home in on your targets with this quality crosshair viewfinder. Fully coated, 30mm achromatic optics yield excellent image brightness. Four-element Plossl eyepiece provides 6x magnification and 7.0-deg field of view. Images appear upside-down as with any standard finder scope. Aluminum dovetail bracket has easy X-Y alignment screws.
    This dovetail mounting base fits the bracket for EZ Finder II and other compatible Orion finder scopes. Fits factory drilled holes on Meade, Celestron, and Orion Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes.
    Build your own custom telescope aiming device with the modular Orion 70mm Multi-Use Finder Scope. This finder optical tube allows you to customize your own 70mm optical finder scope by adding optional eyepieces, diagonals, video cameras, and more to create a complete finder solution for your telescope. Depending on your particular aiming needs, it's easy to customize the Orion 70mm Multi-Use Finder Scope so it will provide optimal aiming for your astronomy setup. Since the 70mm aperture lens is capable of gathering twice the amount of light compared to a 50mm finder scope, you'll be able to aim your telescope with the help of brighter, more detailed views of starry skies. Six adjustable alignment thumbscrews on the Multi-Use Finder Scope's mounting bracket make it easy to accurately align the finder with your telescope. In order for the 70mm Multi-Use Finder Scope to reach focus, a 1.25" mirror or prism diagonal is required along with a 20mm or shorter focal length 1.25" telescope eyepiece, illuminated reticle eyepiece, imaging camera, video camera, or autoguiding device. With approximately 10mm of helical focus travel, you'll be able to achieve sharp focus through this 70mm Multi-Use Finder Scope with most combinations of diagonal and eyepiece, or diagonal and imaging accessory. (All eyepieces, diagonals, and astrophotography accessories sold separately). It's like having multiple finder scopes in one!
    Dovetail mounting plates provide a platform for coupling telescope optical tubes to Orion AstroView, SkyView Pro, Sirius and Atlas equatorial mounts. Tube rings (sold separately) bolt on to the dovetail plate, which then fits into the dovetail slot on the equatorial head. Dovetail plates are made of extruded, anodized aluminum. Length: 13" Note: 13" dovetail plate comes standard with the Atlas mount.
    Designed to fit snugly over the aperture of your telescope, these optical glass filters block 99.999% of incoming sunlight, allowing you to safely observe sunspots and solar granulation in the Sun's photosphere. The Sun appears in a natural, whitish color. The glass elements are machine-polished and triple-coated with nickel-chromium stainless steel for a scratch-resistant surface. Each filter has three nylon thumbscrews to ensure a snug fit to the front of your telescope or binocular. The thumbscrews complement the press-fit foam lining inside the filter's durable aluminum cell to accommodate diameters up to 1/4" smaller than the nominal size. A tight press fit is still required for safe solar viewing. Lifetime limited warranty.CAUTION: Never look at the Sun, either directly or through a telescope, without a professionally made protective solar filter installed that completely covers the front of the instrument, or permanent eye damage could result.
    Designed to fit snugly over the aperture of your telescope, these optical glass filters block 99.999% of incoming sunlight, allowing you to safely observe sunspots and solar granulation in the Sun's photosphere. The Sun appears in a natural, whitish color. The glass elements are machine-polished and triple-coated with nickel-chromium stainless steel for a scratch-resistant surface. Each filter has three nylon thumbscrews to ensure a snug fit to the front of your telescope or binocular. The thumbscrews complement the press-fit foam lining inside the filter's durable aluminum cell to accommodate diameters up to 1/4" smaller than the nominal size. A tight press fit is still required for safe solar viewing. Lifetime limited warranty.CAUTION: Never look at the Sun, either directly or through a telescope, without a professionally made protective solar filter installed that completely covers the front of the instrument, or permanent eye damage could result.
    This cordless, precision DC servo drive allows motorized tracking of objects in space as they appear to migrate across the night sky as Earth rotates. The Orion AstroTrack Drive works with Orion EQ-1 or Min-EQ mounts, or on Orion telescopes supplied with those mounts. The Orion AstroTrack DC Motor Drive provides precise electronic, hands-free tracking of celestial objects as they move across the sky. This cordless drive is designed for use with the Orion EQ-1 and Min-EQ equatorial mounts. AstroTrack counteracts the axial rotation of the Earth, making celestial objects appear to stand still in a telescope's field of view. You won't have to reposition the telescope to re-center an object in the eyepiece as the object moves across the sky - a welcome convenience! The AstroTrack has variable-speed tracking control, allowing adjustment to the exact sidereal tracking rate as well as to speeds slightly slower or faster than sidereal. This ensures accurate tracking of both solar system and deep-sky objects, and allows for correction of any inherent deviation in the motor from the sidereal rate. The AstroTrack Motor Drive provides sufficiently accurate tracking for piggyback and short-exposure planetary astrophotography. It is not recommended for prime focus, long-exposure photography.Add an Orion AstroTrack Drive to your EQ-1 Mount and start enjoying accurate tracking of celestial objects for more enjoyable observations!
    Pop one of these precision mini-motors on a compatible Orion or Celestron equatorial mount and track celestial objects automatically. It'll make observing easier and more fun! Drive provides regulated sidereal-rate tracking in right ascension plus declination. Hand controller has 2x and 4x speeds and pause mode. External disengage allows coarse movement of the scope by hand with motor attached. Includes electronic motor, hand controller, and battery case. Powered by four D-cell batteries (not included).
    Give your IntelliScope Dob a brain! Simply plug the Computerized Object Locator into the base of most SkyQuest XT IntelliScopes (not compatible with XX12i) and you're all set to locate and view any of 14,000 celestial objects . You just select an object from the user-friendly menu buttons, then move the telescope in the direction of the guide arrows on the LCD screen. In seconds, the IntelliScope's two high-resolution digital encoders pinpoint the object, placing it right in the telescope's field of view. The internal database includes 837 stars (including double and variable stars), 7,840 NGC objects, 5,386 IC objects, 101 Messier objects, 8 planets, and 99 user-entered objects. It also features 12 monthly tours of the coolest objects. Whether you are an entry-level or expert astronomer, the Object Locator makes observing the night sky with your IntelliScope Dob incredibly easy and fun.
    Enjoy a wide-field window into the heavens served up by Stratus eyepieces. With an apparent field of 68-degrees -- which translates to a 71% greater viewing area than that of a typical Plossl -- Stratus eyepieces quite literally put more stars in your eyes. In the same way you feel more a part of the action watching a big-screen TV, with Stratus you will feel like you are really experiencing your celestial targets, rather than just viewing them from afar. Each ocular features a monster 1-1/4"-diameter eye lens to look into. Each also has a generous 20mm of eye relief, so you'll get the big picture even if you wear eyeglasses. The optics are fully multi-coated to maximize light transmission to your eyes, and the lens edges are blackened to ensure excellent contrast. Stratus eyepieces fit in both 1.25" and 2" focusers. Each is threaded for filters and comes with protective lens caps.
    Tele Vue camera adapters connect to the back of all Tele Vue imaging system focal path accessories and provide a place to attach the camera. This Tele Vue Standard T-Ring Adapter for 2.4-inch drawtubes provides a standard T-ring thread to attach your camera to. Recommended for cameras with APS-size or smaller imaging chips.
    With many eyepiece designs, you usually have to sacrifice a sharp image at the edges of the field if you want a wide field of view. Or vice-versa, if you want tack sharp images at the edges, you'd find the best images are those eyepieces with a somewhat narrow field of view. Well, now you can have your cake and eat it too! Introducing the Orion 10mm Ultra Flat Field Telescope Eyepiece. With a generous 65-deg apparent field of view, this eyepiece provides 25% more field of view than a typical Plossl, all the while providing a fantastic image from center to edge. The Ultra Flat telescope eyepieces are fully multi-coated to maximize light transmission to your eyes, as well as blackened at the lens edges to minimize light scatter internally and boost contrast. And with a generous 16mm of eye relief, you'll be able to see that entire field of view, even while wearing eyeglasses. This 10mm Ultra Flat Field Telescope Eyepiece fits all 1.25" focusers, or in a 2" focuser with a 2"-1.25" adapter. It sports fold-down rubber eyeguards so you won't scratch your eyeglasses, and also to provide a comfortable feel when viewing through the eyepiece. The 1.25" barrel is threaded to accept standard telescope filters, and comes with protective lens caps.
    With many eyepiece designs, you usually have to sacrifice a sharp image at the edges of the field if you prefer a wide field of view. Or vice-versa, if you want tack sharp images at the edges, you'd find the best images are those eyepieces with a somewhat narrow field of view. Well, now you can have your cake and eat it too! Introducing the Orion 24mm 2"/1.25" Ultra Flat Field telescope eyepiece. With a generous 65-deg apparent field of view, this eyepiece provides 25% more field of view than a typical Plossl, all the while providing a fantastic image from center to edge. The Ultra Flat telescope eyepieces are fully multi-coated to maximize light transmission to your eyes, as well as blackened at the lens edges to minimize light scatter internally and boost contrast. And with a generous 29mm of eye relief, you'll be able to see that entire field of view, even while wearing eyeglasses. This 24mm Ultra Flat Field Telescope Eyepiece includes two different barrels, so it will fit either a 1.25" or 2" telescope focuser. Simply swap out the barrel by unthreading it, and you're ready to go! It sports fold-down rubber eyeguards so you won't scratch your eyeglasses, and also to provide a comfortable feel when viewing through the eyepiece. Both 1.25" and 2" barrels are threaded to accept standard telescope filters, and protective lens caps are included.
    Turn any refractor or Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope into a high-performance terrestrial spotting scope! Our new Deluxe 45-deg Correct-Image Prism Diagonal features a highly accurate, multi-coated image-erecting prism with a tight 3-arcsecond tolerance and a 27mm clear diameter. Views through the diagonal appear right-side-up and correct left-to-right, making it ideal for for daytime use with a high-power Maksutov-Cassegrain or versatile refractor telescope. Not recommended for use with Newtonian reflector telescopes.
    This precision 90-degree star diagonal for telescopes features fully coated prisms to deliver superior image fidelity. The prism diagonal features a machined aluminum eyepiece holder and a chrome-plated metal barrel that's conveniently threaded for 1.25" filters. The diagonal's eyepiece holder has a setscrew for locking the eyepiece securely in place. This telescope diagonal produces an image that is right-side up and reversed left to right (therefore, not recommended for terrestrial observing). Diagonals are not recommended for use in reflector telescopes. Fits in 1.25" telescope focusers and accepts 1.25"-diameter telescope eyepieces.
    This precision 90-deg star diagonals features fully coated prisms, delivering superior image fidelity. Housings are plastic with thumbscrew to secure the eyepiece in place. This 90-deg diagonal yields correctly oriented images (right-side up and nonreversed). It's perfect for terrestrial use or for amateur astronomers who want a view that matches the orientation of a star chart. Requires no extra focus travel.
    These Powermates are a better choice for 2" diagonals than Barlows, since they are nearly Parfocal. They are threaded for 48mm filters and their performance is excellent with every 1.25" and 2" eyepiece we make (yes, even the 31mm Nagler Type 5!). Both the 2" eyepiece holder and the special 2" flat top adapter use our brass clamp rings for secure operation. And, it also has a very unique feature: you can unscrew the 2" eyepiece housing and screw on a speical T-ring adapter for solid, compact attachment of CCD or camera equipment. Excellent with long eye-relief, 2" eyepieces. Using the 4x model, imagine the quality of a 35mm Panoptic at 8.8mm with 25mm of eye relief! The Powermate is NOT a Barlow so the Panoptic-Barlow Interface is not needed! The 2" Powermate fits all the way into 2" Star Diagonals, reqiring miminal refocus compared to a 2" Barlow.
    Edge-On Planetary eyepieces bring flat-field performance to solar system viewing in the form of three high-magnification focal lengths. Each employs a sophisticated 7-element lens design reminiscent of exotic, high-priced oculars to provide a sharp focus all the way to the edge of their wide 55-degree apparent field of view. The barrel distortion and field curvature aberrations common in standard eyepiece designs are virtually gone. Edge-On Planetary eyepieces let you push the power, whether you're canvassing the lunar terminator or studying the Jovian cloud belts. The 7-element optics are fully multi-coated for high light transmission, and each eyepiece has 20mm eye relief for viewing comfort. Other nice touches: blackened lens edges, pop-down rubber eyeguards, and barrels threaded for 1.25" filters. Barrel diameter: 1.25".
    Elevate your telescope's performance potential with our Orion Premium Telescope Accessory Kit. This comprehensive set of quality accessories will greatly enhance the abilities of any telescope. Accessorizing your telescope with a variety of quality eyepieces, eyepiece filters, and a good Barlow lens significantly increases the versatility of any telescope. Having different focal length eyepieces and a Barlow lens lets you view at different magnifications through your telescope, while using filters on the aforementioned eyepieces help to enhance specific features of lunar and planetary targets. With our Premium Telescope Accessory Kit, you'll receive twelve 1.25" accessories in a foam-lined hard carry case to help you get the most out of each evening spent with your telescope.
    The Delos was conceived as a narrower field Ethos. Reducing the field to 72-deg allowed freedom to increase eye-relief, while controlling pupil aberrations, all without making the eyepiece too large. With Ethos performance standards as benchmarks, the Delos design achieves full field sharpness, virtually perfect theta distortion mapping, and color neutrality. Image fidelity is maximized utilizing glass matched multi-coatings and anti-reflection surfaces throughout the eyepiece. Contrast is further enhanced with a new continuously adjustable height eyeguard system that can be locked in any position. Since the Delos eye-lens measures a quite large 35mm in diameter, preventing stray light from the reflecting off the first surface and extraneous light from entering your eye pays off in a nice increase in perceived contrast. The eyeguard's sliding action allows for positioning the soft rubber eyeguard at the ideal height to suit the observers preference. Indicator marks on the eyepiece body are handy reference guides for setting your perfect position. The eye-guard can also rotate for Dioptrix users.
    With their 66-deg apparent field of view, our Expanse wide-field eyepieces will definitely turn up the Wow! factor in your deep-sky observing experiences! Imagine taking in objects like the Andromeda Galaxy, the Double Cluster, or the star clouds in Sagittarius in one sweep! With an Expanse in your focuser, you can! Expanse oculars have big eye lenses and great eye relief. Eyeglass wearers can view the entire field without removing their glasses. All eyepiece elements are fully coated, with the outer lens multi-coated for additional light transmission. Each 1.25" aluminum barrel is threaded for filters and internally blackened to eliminate internal scattering. And their fold-down rubber eyeguards enhance contrast by blocking stray light. With our Expanse eyepieces you get a super wide field of view and superior optical performance. And check out the price. You also get a bargain!
    Assuming that you don't subscribe to the misconception that strong magnification gives better views of deep-sky objects, then our new DeepView 2" eyepieces should excite you. Why? Because the brightest and sharpest images of deep-space objects are obtained with low power and a wide field of view. And DeepView 2" eyepieces deliver just that. This eyepiece features anodized aluminum housings and a 3-element lens design with multi-coatings for efficient light transmission. Eye relief is 20mm -- a welcome spec for eyeglass wearers -- and the rubber eyeguards fold down out of the way if desired. Apparent fields of view is a generous 52-deg. Delightfully free of pincushion distortion and chromatic aberration, these eyepieces will impress even the seasoned deep-sky observer. The barrels are threaded to accept 2" filters.
    There are many reasons why the Orion SkyQuest XT10 Classic is one of our most popular Dobsonian reflector telescopes. Three of these reasons rise above the rest: simple operation, jumbo optics, and bang-for-your-buck value. These three features come together elegantly in the XT10 Classic Dobsonian, making it one of the best telescopes to own for anyone interested in astronomy. The SkyQuest XT10 Classic Dobsonian brings a "new level of joy to simple observing" as Astronomy magazine raved, thanks to its synthesis of big aperture optics and uncomplicated operation. It's jumbo, 10" (254mm) diameter parabolic primary mirror gathers a ton of light from the night sky, so you can see more objects than you would with an 8" or smaller telescope. What's more, the XT10 Classic Dobsonian reflector telescope's big mirror yields exceptionally bright views with high contrast. All XT Classic Dobs feature an expertly figured parabolic mirror housed in an enameled steel optical tube. The tube rides on a stable Dobsonian base that allows easy point-and-view navigation and has a convenient carrying handle. A 2" Crayford focuser (XT6 has 1.25" rack and pinion focuser), EZ Finder II aiming device, 25mm Sirius Plossl eyepiece (1.25"), and quick-collimation cap are all standard equipment. Setup takes only a minute, leaving the rest of the evening to marvel at the planets, the Moon, and a myriad of deep-sky treasures. Enjoy the fantastic views - and savings! One-year limited warranty.
    The Orion SkyQuest XT6 PLUS Dobsonian features cool design enhancements and an expanded accessory package compared to our standard XT6 Classic Dob. Starting from the bottom up, we gave the SkyQuest XT6 PLUS a redesigned, streamlined Dobsonian base with weight-saving cutouts. A white trim band around the base enhances visibility in the dark. An eyepiece rack is included to hold as many as three 1.25" eyepieces. An altitude axis tensioning knob improves control of the telescope's altitude motion. The optical tube, which sports an attractive "twilight blue" metallic finish, houses a 150mm parabolic mirror with enhanced-reflectivity (94%) aluminum coatings for superior light transmission compared to standard mirrors. The included 10mm Sirius Plossl eyepiece provides powerful 120x views, or you can insert the 10mm ocular into the included Shorty 2x Barlow to boost magnification way up to a whopping 240x! The included 25mm Sirius Plossl eyepiece is great for wider-angle views at 48x, or use it with the Shorty 2x Barlow to view at 96x. We replaced the typical secondary mirror collimation setscrews with big thumbscrews, for easier, tool-free adjustment when a collimation tweak is needed. Plus, we've added an Orion Safety Film Solar Filter for viewing the Sun's ever-changing sunspots during the day! With sharp, powerful optics and point-and-view simplicity, this eye-catching 6" Dobsonian reflector shines as a plus-sized value.
    The SpaceProbe 130ST EQ is a rich-field Newtonian reflector with a tube only 24" long compared to the 33" tube length of the standard 130 EQ. The focal length of the ST's 130mm (5.1") primary mirror is 650mm (f/5), producing a wider field of view and brighter images for a given eyepiece focal length. The diffraction-limited parabolic primary mirror is the same type used on much larger reflectors costing substantially more. On a short-focal-length design like this one, a parabolic mirror is a must for delivering sharp, detailed images. This scope package includes an EQ-2 equatorial mount with dual setting circles and manual slow-motion controls, adjustable aluminum tripod with accessory tray, two Plossl eyepieces (25mm and 10mm), and a 6x30 achromatic finder scope. One-year limited warranty.
    Eyeglass wearers love our UltraView series of binoculars not only for their 22mm eye relief but also their great light-gathering capabilities and superb optics. Just twist down the rubber-covered eyecups and, with your glasses or sunglasses on, you can still take in the whole field of view. UltraViews contain high-index BAK-4 glass prisms, and all optical surfaces are fully multi-coated for maximum light transmission and minimum reflection. Big 42mm objectives and generous 8.2-deg viewing field make UltraView 8x42's suitable for terrestrial observing and birdwatching. The cast-metal alloy bodies are rubber-armored for water resistance and better grip. Each model is threaded to accept an L-adapter for tripod mounting. Nylon case and deluxe wide-neck strap are included. Ten-year limited warranty.
    Our 9x63 Mini Giant Binocular grabs more light than a 50mm glass yet it doesn't have the weight or bulk of larger, giant binoculars. Its 63mm objective lenses deliver bright images of stellar clusterings and other celestial lollipops that adorn the evening sky. Of course, this Mini Giant binocular excels for daytime viewing as well. Its lenses and high-grade BAK-4 prisms are fully multi-coated to permit the highest light transmission possible. The aluminum barrels are internally glare-threaded to ensure rich contrast and eliminate ghosting. Images are sharp, bright, and wonderfully vivid. Contributing to this Mini Giant's comfort factor is its long eye relief. Even eyeglass wearers will see edge to edge. Its relatively compact size allows this Mini Giant binocular to be hand-held comfortably. For extended gazes, you'll want to tripod-mount it for steady images. It comes with a soft case, deluxe wide neck strap, and lens caps. Five-year limited warranty.
    With this Resolux 10.5x70 binocular, you'll enjoy performance that you simply won't find in other binoculars. Your first scan of the Milky Way will prove it - pinpoint stars set in bold contrast against the dark background. Gorgeous! The extra-large BAK-4 prisms and advanced multi-coatings on all optical surfaces really drink in the light. The eyepieces focus individually, which yields a sturdier mechanical design than a center-focus mechanism. And with 23mm of eye relief, even eyeglass wearers will see the full field of view. Supple rubber eyecups can fold down, if desired, for more comfortable use while wearing eyeglasses. This Resolux 10.5x70 binocular' s all-metal housing is armored with thick rubber to ensure a secure, comfortable grip. Each binocular comes with lens caps, heavy-duty tripod adapter, and neck strap. This binocular comes with a foam-lined hard case.
    Our heavy-duty SkyView Pro EQ sets a new standard for stability, precision control, and affordability in a mount designed for the demanding amateur astronomer. A step up in rigidity and load capacity from the SkyView Deluxe mount, the SVP supports telescope tubes weighing up to 20 lbs. It is every bit the equal of venerable Japanese-made mounts but at less than half the price. Its all-metal head features enclosed 360-deg worm gears plus large, 86mm-diameter setting circles for easy object location by celestial coordinates. Telescopes attach via a quick-release dovetail plate (included). The head glides effortlessly in right ascension and declination. Dual slow-motion knobs allow tracking control, and an optional TrueTrack single- or dual-axis DC drive can be added for electronic tracking and photographic guiding. Other features include an azimuth fine adjustment and a latitude scale. The mount accepts an optional polar-alignment scope.
    This compact, large-aperture refractor telescope is perfect for deep-sky observing pursuits. Its combination of a 120mm (4.7") aperture multi-coated achromatic lens assembly and modest 600mm focal length provide breathtaking wide-field views. With an optional 25mm Plossl eyepiece (sold separately), this compact telescope serves up a sprawling 2.1-degree swath of sky! The telescope's fast f/5.0 optical system also makes it an excellent choice for astrophotography. The 26"-long optical tube is well baffled to ensure good contrast. Its cast-metal, 2" rack-and-pinion focuser accommodates either a 2" or 1.25" diagonal, so you can use 1.25" or big 2" eyepieces. The optical tube color is a classy gunmetal gray metallic. A mounting base is molded into the focuser casting to accept an optional Orion finder scope or reflex sight. Sold as optical tube assembly only without accessories. Includes objective lens cap. Weighs 8.6 lbs. One-year limited warranty.
    This remarkable telescope combines powerful 254mm-diameter reflector optics with point-and-view simplicity in one nicely portable package. And with included Computerized Object Locator, even the first-time stargazer can pinpoint the location of 14,000+ celestial wonders stored in the IntelliScope's databank. It's like having your own personal tour guide to the universe! The optical tube houses an 10" (254mm) parabolic mirror and rides on our state-of-the-art Dobsonian base, equipped with springless CorrecTension friction control for smooth movement and always-perfect tube balance.
    Featuring colossal 14" diffraction-limited optics and an innovative design optimized from top to bottom for remarkable portability, the Orion XX14i delivers an exciting level of performance and ease of use. The XX14i turns the night sky into an endless playground of deep-space surprises. The XX14i literally opens up the heavens to new visual adventure. And with the IntelliScope computerized object location system as standard equipment that adventure starts with any object in its 14,000-object database. The XX14i adds a convenient new twist to truss Dob portability by allowing easy disassembly of both the optical tube and the base into smaller, easily manageable pieces that can fit into even a compact car! Fully equipped with a dual-speed (11:1) 2" Crayford focuser, navigation knob, and deluxe accessories, the XX14i is ready to go... wherever you want to take it. One-year limited warranty. WARNING! When using a truss tube Dobsonian for solar observing, always use a Light Shroud and a properly sized solar filter. Make sure there are no gaps between the Shroud and the telescope where direct sunlight can reach the mirror, otherwise eye injury or damage to the telescope can occur. Before using any telescope for solar observing, install protective covers on all optical components. Glancing through an uncovered optical system can cause permanent eye damage. Always install protective caps on all optical instruments if left out during daylight hours.
    A fun telescope indeed! Beginning astronomers will enjoy hours of stellar exploration with this amazing little tabletop reflector telescope. Designed specifically with first-time telescope buyers and their families in mind, the FunScope is a great way to "test the waters" of stargazing - affordably! The FunScope is a great first telescope for beginners and young adults who show an interest in space and astronomy. FunScope is a real reflecting telescope with a 76mm (3") diameter polished spherical mirror which allows you to capture 60% more light than a typical 60mm beginner's telescope. More light gathered means the FunScope will provide views of the cosmos that are brighter and clearer than views in smaller diameter telescopes. Unlike many beginner-level telescopes you might find at department stores, the FunScope comes equipped with a host of useful accessories and features so you can start having stargazing fun right away. You get two Kellner eyepieces with the FunScope: a 20mm eyepiece that provides a 15x view, and a 6mm eyepiece that gives a more powerful, 50x view. The included 2x Barlow lens doubles the power of any eyepiece it's used with. Included red dot finder scope makes it easy to aim the FunScope at things in the sky. Use the included MoonMap 260 to learn the names of craters and other Moon features you see with the FunScope. With the FunScope, the whole family can see craters, valleys, and mountains on the Moon in exquisite detail. The FunScope telescope's 76mm aperture, or diameter, can also obtain good views of bright planets such as Jupiter and Saturn. The FunScope's tabletop mount arrives pre-assembled in the box so you don't have to worry about assembly. The tabletop base provides a sturdy and compact foundation for the telescope with smooth motion in altitude (up and down) and azimuth (left and right) axes. Weighing just 3 lbs. 11 oz., the ultra-portable FunScope TableTop Reflector Telescope can go with you just about anywhere!
    With exceptional optics, top-notch features and beautiful fit and finish, the Orion EON 115mm ED Triplet refractor telescope offers wide-field observers and astrophotographers an impeccably crafted, true-color instrument at a great price. This premium refractor telescope's generous, 115mm (4.5") aperture collects ample light from faint deep-sky objects to provide crisp images with excellent color correction by virtue of the element of FK-61 extra-low dispersion ("ED") optical glass in its air-spaced triplet objective lens. The apochromatic refractor's medium 805mm focal length gives it a fairly fast, f/7.0 f-ratio which performs exceptionally well for wide-field visual use or deep-sky astrophotography. Multilayer anti-reflection coatings on every air-to-glass lens surface maximizes light transmission; while an extendable dew shield, blackened lens edges, and multiple internal knife-edge baffles eliminate off-axis reflections and glare to ensure excellent contrast. A massive, 3" dual-speed (11:1) Crayford focuser provides precise, backlash-free focus control and easily supports heavy astrophotography gear. The EON 115mm ED's focuser can be rotated in two places, allowing camera framing to be set independently from your preferred positioning of the telescope focus knobs. Not only is the EON 115mm ED Refractor a great wide-field performer, it's also conveniently compact and measures just 27.75" with its sliding dew shield retracted for easy transport and storage in the included 30.5" long foam-lined hard carry case. The EON 115mm refractor telescope features a dovetail finder scope base for use of optional aiming devices or Mini Guide Scopes. A thread-on metal objective lens cap, a narrow "Vixen-style" dovetail mounting bar and two heavy-duty hinged tube rings with multiple, pre-drilled and tapped M6 holes along the top and bottom are included.

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