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    This paper examines the role of Women in the Gada system with special reference to Borana Oromo of southern Ethiopia. However, women have active participant in social and economic positions in the Gada system. They have no role in political and leadership positions. Thus, women's access to education can play a great role for bringing women's in to leadership in the Gada system (i.e. modern democracy).
    What is the difference between a savanna and a prairie? How do bison, zebras, and other grazers avoid hungry grassland predators? Trek across the plant-covered landscape of this book, and find out what makes grasslands one of Earth's treasures.
    33 states have now passed statutes mandating that schools have a bullying policy in place, a remarkable increase since the 1st edition of Bullying in North American Schools was published in 2004. Although these statutes vary in their requirements, most school districts realize that regardless of their formal policy statement bullying behavior has to be addressed through a targeted prevention and intervention program. This book provides an exciting compilation of research on bullying in school-aged youth conducted across the United States and Canada by a representative group of researchers, including developmental, social, counseling, school, and clinical psychologists. Its social-ecological perspective illustrates the complexity of bullying behaviors and offers suggestions for data-based decision-making to intervene and reduce those behaviors. The book provides empirical guidance for schools as they develop bullying prevention and intervention programs or evaluate existing programs. Key Features Ecological Perspective a " The book is organized around a social-ecological perspective of bullying in which this phenomena is examined across multiple contexts that include individual characteristics, peer and family influences, and classroom dynamics. An introductory chapter explains the tenets of the social ecological framework and how each chapter will exemplify this perspective. Empirical Research a " Chapters include basic research data on bullying and victimization from samples in the United States and Canada. Evaluation data for existing programs are also presented. Implications for Practice a " Throughout the book service providers (teachers, school psychologists, counselors, school administrators, school social workers, psychotherapists in private practice) are shown the practical implications of various types of programs and how to choose and implement one that fits their school ecology. Expertise a " Chapter authors, all of whom are leaders in the area of bullying research in the United States and Canada, were selected on the basis of the following criteria: 1) they have an active bullying research program within North American schools 2) their theoretical framework is social-ecological and 3) their findings have practical implications for school service providers as well as for future research.
    This book is designed specially for use and enjoyment by beginners. It is meant for someone who is just starting to keep finches as pets and was prepared with the assistance of the editorial staff of T.F.H. Publications, Inc., the world's largest publishers of pet books.
    The Real STAR WARS It is a dangerous NET to body & soul. IT already has captured the Fallen Ones - cast out from their FIRST ESTATE. They act now as anglers, and you are their intended victims. Their lure contains the sun, the moon and ANY star (ZODIAC.) The UFO & ALIEN ABDUCTION PHENOMENON is THE FAADE used by "THE BEAST" (symbolized as a poisonous scorpion, ) reflected in the holy writings of both St. Jude & Enoch. The "wandering stars" ARE the Fallen Angels angling for their prey - US They also are not far far away, but very very near Since they have the capability of shape-shifting, what you see is not what really is. Richard Stout learned first-hand about being victimized and then released after praying to Jesus. Byron LeBeau took Richard's notes, and utilizing his knowledge of Ufology, penned what you will now read as THE CURS-ED NET.
    A high-stakes adventure novel that takes a small group of older American tourists on an excursion to New Guinea. The excursion turns into a nightmare when their plane is hijacked and makes a forced landing in a swamp populated by natives who have never seen white people before. The Americans are submected to the worst conditions. They attempt to escape, but the dangers are overwhelming, and many of the characters die in ways that make their worst nightmares come true.
    The selections contained in these volumes from the papers and letters of Leibniz are intended to serve the student in two ways: first, by providing a more adequate and balanced conception of the full range and penetration of Leibniz's creative intellectual powers; second, by inviting a fresher approach to his intellectual growth and a clearer perception of the internal strains in his thinking, through a chronological arrangement. Much confusion has arisen in the past through a neglect of the develop ment of Leibniz's ideas, and Couturat's impressive plea, in his edition of the Opuscu/es et fragments (p. xii), for such an arrangement is valid even for incomplete editions. The beginning student will do well, however, to read the maturer writings of Parts II, III, and IV first, leaving Part I, from a period too largely neglected by Leibniz criticism, for a later study of the still obscure sources and motives of his thought. The Introduction aims primarily to provide cultural orientation and an exposition of the structure and the underlying assumptions of the philosophical system rather than a critical evaluation. I hope that together with the notes and the Index, it will provide those aids to the understanding which the originality of Leibniz's scientific, ethical, and metaphysical efforts deserve."
    Hoy quiero compartir contigo mi experiencia de vida, esperando te pueda ayudar a recordar el ser maravilloso que eres. Viniste a este mundo a ser feliz, es tu derecho de nacimiento. Si tu vida es perfecta, eres feliz, y tienes todo lo que deseas, sigues haciendo lo mismo. Pero si te sientes perdido-a, estresado-a, devaluado-a, que tu vida no tiene sentido entonces este libro es para ti.
    Two brothers, Fabio and Lorenzo Telmari--one a corrupt politician, the other an impassioned writer and the novel's hero--inherit a secret upon the death of their father, an internationally renowned virologist. At his funeral, Lorenzo is approached by a mysterious redheaded woman who asks him a single question and then disappears: "Have you ever heard of Ndiogene?" From then on, Lorenzo's life undergoes rapid changes involving political and religious intrigue, narrow escapes, and a life-altering love affair. He learns that at the time of his death his father had two documents written by Ndiogene, a Senegalese cardinal who had recently died of AIDS. These documents contain slander against the Catholic church and controversial opinions about population control, among other issues. De Carlo confronts these themes with poise, avoiding sensationalism and tempering rage with irony, emotion, and equilibrium. A grand chase for the documents ensues, pitting brother against brother, and results in a crescendo of disappearances and deaths. With Sea of Truth, De Carlo has executed an engaging and adventurous novel, writing with conviction about the modern world and the values of its citizens.
    Ireland is a country rich and deep in Literary heritage. But it is in poetry that the full breath and depth of that heritage has been best explored. "A Treasury of Irish Verse' captures all that is best in Irish poetry. It features poems of passion, despair, hope and beauty by a wide range of Irish poets - James Clarence Mangan, W.B. Yeats, Louis MacNeice, Patrick Kavanagh, Seamus Heaney, Paul Durcan and many others. On every page, words and carefully chosen full-colour illustrations complement each other and capture the unique character of the Irish. This a perfect giftbook for those who hold Ireland in their affections.
    "Physics" Book 4 is one of Aristotle's most interesting works, discussing place, time and vacuum. Themistius was a fourth-century AD orator and essayist, not only a philosopher, and he thought that only paraphrases of Aristotle were needed, because there were already such comprehensive commentaries. Nonetheless, his paraphrastic commentaries are full of innovative comment. According to Aristotle, there is no such thing as 3-dimensional space. A thing's exactly-fitting place is a surface, the inner surface of its immediate surroundings. One problem that this created was that the outermost stars, in Aristotle's view, have no surroundings, and so no place. Themistius suggests that we might think instead of the neighbouring bodies which they surround as providing their place. Aristotle saw time as something countable, and concluded that it depends for its existence on that of conscious beings to do the counting. Themistius is in the minority among commentators in disagreeing. Themistius concurs with Aristotle in denying the existence of vacuum. We cannot think that a space formerly empty of body penetrates right through a body inserted into it. If one extension could penetrate another, says Themistius, a body could penetrate a body, because bodies occupy places solely in virtue of being extended.
    An updated classic The first research-based guide to developing training programs that truly improve employee performance, "Mastering the Instructional Design Process" will serve as a road map for all trainers, human resource managers, and instructional designers charged with the responsibility of finding effective, lasting solutions to employee performance problems. This guidebook will teach you how to:
  • Detect employee performance problems
  • Conduct a needs assessment
  • Identify causes of performance problems
  • Develop performance objectives
  • Implement working solutions "Mastering the Instructional Design Process" is essential to anyone who seeks to improve workplace performance with training, job aids, organization development, employee reward programs, task-related feedback, and high-impact hiring. Full of case studies, checklists, and charts, this is your guide to performance improvement
Have you ever met anyone who has broken a bone? Do you wonder why bones break? This book will help you to find out all you need to know. What is a broken bone? How can you avoid breaking a bone? What happens if you break a bone? Book jacket.
This adaptable book offers diverse applications of the empowerment model to the promotion of mental health and the prevention of mental illness. Topics span the developmental trends of empowerment as an individual achievement, a community experience, and a professional aim in relation to social intervention strategies and tactics.
Somerset County College may not be exactly Ivy league, but it's quiet, dedicated to its students, and proud of its new dormitory designed for single parents. When two of those students are poisoned, professor and antique print dealer Maggie Summer sets out to solve the crime. There are many unanswered questions like why the new wife of a wealthy benefactor established the new dorm. Was her husband involved with one or more of the single mothers? Answers may lie in unexpected places including Maggie's own backyard! Lea Wait comes form a long line of antique dealers and has owned her own antique print business for over 25 years. Shadows Antique Print Mystery series is set in Maine, where the author lives.
For courses in Earth Science. An abbreviated version of the best-selling Earth Science, 8/e, this text offers a user-friendly overview of the physical environment. It retains the hallmarks you expect from Fred Lutgens and Ed Tarbuck-a student-friendly writing style, carefully crafted art program, and coverage of the most recent current events. Each copy of the text comes packaged with EarthShow, a student CD-ROM, and robust instructional package. EarthShow CD-ROM: Each copy of Foundations of Earth Science, 2/e comes with EarthShow, created by professional photographer and renowned geologic educator, Parvinder Sethi of Radford University. This CD provides students with a wide array of visual and audio resources for the study of Earth Science. This technology has been extensively tested, and has proven to be a very effective study tool and student motivator.Carefully crafted art program. *New - Improved art program. *New - Emphasis on Earth systems science. *Readable discussions - Uses a minimum of technical language. *Presents geologic concepts clearly, enabling students to easily comprehend material and maintain interest. *Comprehensive organization - Seven self-contained units. Fo
Entomopathogenic bacteria (Bacillus thuringiensis and B. sphaericus) are increasingly used as biopesticides to control larval insect populations which are either agricultural or forestry pests and to reduce those which as adults are vectors of severe human diseases. This new book, the first since 1993 to address all aspects of entomopathogenic bacteria, provides undergraduate and graduate students as well as research scientists with a complete, modern view of this important group of bacteria. The authors, chosen for their sustained contributions to the field, cover both fundamental and applied research in this area. The main topics include bacterial ecology and taxonomy, toxin diversity, activity and mode of action, regulation and environment of the genes, safety and ecotoxicology, production and field application of the bacteria, and outbreaks of resistant populations. The book concludes with the most recent data obtained on transgenic biotechnology and addresses environmental impact issues.
Favored poet Helen Steiner Rice's beautiful verse has been treasured for decades. Her work continues to encourage readers as they experience the uplifting encouragement in Barbour's newest 160-page Value Book! Readers will be inspired to share Helen Steiner Rice's beloved verse again and again with A Collection of Encouragement . Poems like "You are Never Alone" and "The Hand of God is Everywhere" will refresh and inspire your heart.
Streeter's back again, still packing heat on the shady side of Denver's streets, an ex-linbacker/bounty hunter cursed with a roving eye and blind daes from hell. His latest client is a waterbed millionaire, whose airhead nephew and his showbiz mistress have vanished with the weekly take from a string of sez shops. But sex kings don't take robbery lying down, and Streeter's barely ahead of them on a trail down to the Mexican ratlands.Sales of the first two Streeter books are exploding. Mystery collectors are hunting down the first editions. And now, " with insouciance of an old pro" (The New York Times Book Review) - and another brilliant noir cover by a New Yorker artist - real-life private eye Michael Stone has written the funniest and baddest Streeter book yet.
Unlike other M&A references, this one-volume guide establishes a framework for analyzing each transaction from a financial perspective, and evaluating your options in terms of how they create value today or better position the company to build value tomorrow. In this newly updated Fourth Edition of Structuring Mergers & Acquisitions: A Guide to Creating Shareholder Value, you get clear, authoritative discussions of: How shareholder value relates to mergers and acquisitions, and different methodologies for valuing a transaction, such as discounted cash flow, comparable company, comparable transaction, premiums paid, price/volume relationships, and private company valuation. How accounting can influence value creating in mergers and acquisitions , a critical aspect of understanding and structuring the proper transaction for differing business circumstances. Collars, break-up fees, lock-ups, walk-aways, minority squeeze outs, earnouts, and anti-trust considerations, and other special topics you will encounter in deals Transactions you may encounter, from "plain vanilla" deals like mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, and leveraged buyouts, To more complicated restructuring alternatives like spin-offs, split-offs, share repurchases, recapitalizations and restructuring options that can enhance shareholder value. Protecting against takeover threats, including legal and structural defenses, with coverage of the most common form of legal defense, The shareholder rights plan. Making aggressive or hostile offers for a company, The pros and cons of "going it alone" in attempting a hostile acquisition. Performing effective and complete due diligence on a company in the context of a transaction, a critical step that is often overlooked as something "someone else should do." Handling the human aspects of mergers and acquisitions, including basic transition tips that can avoid massive pre- and post-deal turnover.
This collection of short stories includes Evangeline's Mother, in which Henry Vold must cope with, and is changed by, his teenaged daughter's sexually precocious friend; and Elvis Bound, in which the singer disrupts the love life of a ballplayer and his wife.
Once a woman has reached a certain age she would had enough love and life experienced to fill a book. Through this collection of poems Stacey Sage shows us how freeing your spirit and loving hard turns a grain of sand into a pearl. Through her use of spoken word and the invocation of the griot legacy, this poet's poised voice ignites all that is sensual, and forces each of us to embrace the fierceness of the female voice and the feminine energy.
Recommended in the Brandon/Hill selected list of print books and journals for the small medical library - April 2001 & 2003 This practical handbook is a quick, convenient, inexpensive guide to successful imaging evaluation of acutely ill and traumatized patients using computed tomography, ultrasound, and magnetic resonance imaging. The book is organised by symptom and covers the most commonly encountered neurologic, thoracic, and abdominal problems. Each chapter presents state of the art imaging protocols, describes key clinical and radiologic findings, and offers advice on avoiding technical and interpretive pitfalls. Emphasis is on the optimal and most cost effective modality for each clinical problem. More than 500 images complement the text.
Which level of government is most appropriate for environmental policy making in a confederal or federal system? How does the level of government at which policy is made and implemented affect the choice of policy instruments? This important new volume addresses these problems by comparing environmental policies and practices in the European Union and the United States.In Environmental Policy with Political and Economic Integration, a distinguished group of authors discusses how environmental policy in a federal or confederal system may differ both in theory and practice from that found in a unitary government system. After examining the framework for environmental policy in the EU and US, the authors present papers on their federal institutions, the economic forces affecting environmental governance, the choice of policy instruments, linkages between trade and environmental policy and environmental regulations within international trade negotiations. The final part brings together a series of case studies which sheds new light on the research questions formulated earlier in the book. Issues discussed include the regulation of agricultural pollution, global warming, ozone pollution and environmental security.In addition to its detailed discussion of environmental policy in the EU and the US, Environmental Policy with Political and Economic Integration will be essential reading for both scholars and policymakers concerned with designing and implementing regulations to protect the environment.
Porshia's Revenge is the second installment and conclusion to the fiction story entitled, Clean Slate. The saga is continued in this sequel as Porshia's revengeful personality is revealed as she regrettably, agreed to a divorce that she once vowed to never accept. Porshia followed the advice of the enemy who convinced her to wreak havoc upon a marriage that was ordained by God. While peer pressure in the form of adversity and confusion kept Porshia's heart filled with negativity and strife, she allowed herself to be tricked into participating in an evil plot. But she later learned that the enemy always had its own agenda. Will Porshia continue being played by the master game planner, or will she give up the game? "Porshia's Revenge" Is an Enjoyable, Unfolding Contemporary Story of Love And Revenge Challenged by Traditional Christian Values. "Once picked up, it is hard to put down." Cleveland S. Thornhill Protestant Chaplain Bedford Hills Correctional Facility
This book provides a comparative analysis of 30 American interventions into Third World countries. An historical approach is used to place the featured cases into a more general history of American Diplomacy. The author uses his assessments to prove that U.S. foreign policy has been driven by the goal of being the ultimate power in the global capitalist economic system. The author makes his work unique by giving a critical view of America's place in the world during an anticipated time of war and raised patriotism. He provides a scholarly look at U.S. diplomacy leading up to the era of "the War on Terror." Sullivan explains how over the past 50 years the U.S. has come to succeed Europe as ruler of the global economic system. The "political systems" which have been promoted by the U.S. to preserve worldwide capitalism range from one-party rule to monarchies and recurring civil war. The interventions discussed have proved to be short-term successes for U.S. policy, but more often tragic for the local societies affected. Sullivan draws on his 1996 release Comparing State Polities to create a number of tables that place U.S. involvement into geographic and hierarchic perspective. The reader is ultimately provided with a provocative thesis that challenges traditional interpretations of America's role in the world. This book will be an asset to any undergraduate college student taking classes in political science or history. It will also appeal to a general audience.
Comparing Colors introduces young learners to the different colors found in nature. Readers will learn about the different colors of plants, animals, rocks, and soils. In addition to covering these important science concepts, this book also stimulates independent thinking about how different colors can be compared and contrasted. This Acorn Read-Aloud is an excellent tool for introducing the topic of colors to students.
An exciting new range of books that presents a range of SAS (Special Air Service) skills in various fields adapted for a civilian readership. These compact but authorative manuals are a handy and durable format that fit easily into a backpack. A compact portable guide to all the skills needed to enjoy being out on the hills, avoiding or surviving the various difficulties that can and do, befall hillwalkers. -- Helpful guidance on walk preparation, basic navigation and route selection -- Detailed advice on coping with specific emergencies ranging from getting lost to dealing with hypothermia and broken limbs. -- Describes search-and-rescue techniques and suggests ways of making it easier to be found if you are the target. The "SAS Active Library: Mountain Skills" will be a key addition to every rucksack.
In one of the most comprehensive books available on dealing with emotional and behavior disorders, the author examines the relationships among the causes, assessment, classification, prevention, and intervention in schools and other settings. It uses up-to-the minute research from psychology, medicine, and sociology to inform readers on how education is linked to other parts of a child's life. Context of Emotional and Behavior Disorders of Students; History; Assessment and Classification; Patterns of Emotional and Behavior Disorders; Extreme Emotional and Behavior Disorders; Biological and Psychosocial Influences; Psychodynamic Theory and Intervention; Behavioral Theory and Intervention; Cognitive Theory and Intervention; Sociological, Ecological, and Values-Based Theories and Intervention; Intervention in the Education System; Intervention in Other Systems. For teachers and other helping professionals dealing with children with emotional and behavior disorders.
The Harley Davidson is more than just a motorbike - for many enthusiasts it's a lifestyle statement. This stunning book packed with 500 color photographs celebrates that lifestyle, as well as covering the complete history of this 20th Century icon. From Marlon Brando to Billy Idol, every celebrity over the last 50 years wanting to promote a cool, tough image has been photographed astride one of these legendary machines. Packed with various model photos, colorful memorabilia and celebrity pictures, this book celebrates Harley Davidson history in a classy photographic style.
"Faith Made Visible" connects the art forms of poetry and sculpture with issues of faith. Sculptor Charles McCollough and poet Maren Tirabassi offer indelible images and words that will open eyes and hearts to new dimensions of faith and social concerns. McCollough and Tirabassi met while leading a retreat on art and social justice. Using slides of McCollough's sculptures as inspiration, Tirabassi wrote poetry as companion and commentary, and soon afterward McCollough began sculpting pieces based on Tirabassi's poems. Both are deeply committed not only to their own personal faith journeys but also to the complex issues of social justice and peace.
GONE WITH THE WIND With a signed contract in hand for remodeling the grandest old house on the island, contractor Josie Pigeon figures her summer is made. But before she can lift a hammer, she finds her new employer-wealthy New Yorker Cornell Hudson-murdered on the premises with a strip of drop cloth twisted tightly around his neck. When Hurricane Agatha sweeps away both the house and the body, Josie would like to forget she ever saw them. But she can't help wondering: What could have drawn Hudson and his megamillions to this quiet summer resort? His three gorgeous blonde daughters hate the place and Hudson seems to have known not a soul on the island. But appearances have never been more deceptive. Now, through rain and wind, and through a past that refuses to die, Josie pursues the truth-and nails down a killer who is tougher than boards. "From the Paperback edition."
Cada libro en la serie tiene treinta o mas bosquejos de sermones acerca de un tema especifico y seleccionados de los mas respetados predicadores. Los bosquejos estan disenados para incentivar una idea, proporcionar una estructura o dar la ilustracion adecuada. Los bosquejos se han seleccionado de predicadores tales como: John Ritchie, Carlos Spurgeon, Juan Wesley y muchos otros. En cada libro encontrara que se realiza un tratamiento textual y tematico, ademas de un indice de textos biblicos que lo ayuda a encontrar el material adecuado. This well-known series of sermon outlines is now available for Spanish-speaking pastors. Covering a variety of topics, these sermon outlines were chosen for their strong scriptural support and solid expository structure.]
In the formidable dry dock of St Nazaire lay the Third Reich's largest and most deadly warship: the "Tirpitz." Already two German battleships, "Scharnhorst" and "Gneisenau," had slipped through the English Channel under the bows of the British fleet. "HMS Rose," ex-whaler and jinxed destroyer, was detailed to join the daring mission to destroy the entire dry dock of St Nazaire. She found herself not, as planned, backing up Operation Chariot as a troop ship, but fighting alone, with her engines shot to hell and 30 miles between her and home...
Being a kid can be really horrible. But being a genius, an alien AND having the world "s fate in your hands? Yikes. Some stress to put on a nine-year-old. But with the clues she receives on her first quest, Ella may find out more than how to solve a mystery. She might even get killed.
Conditionality in policy-based lending programs has been the subject of controversial debates. This book brings together different perspectives on the role of conditionality, drawing on the experiences and lessons learned by the donor community, NGO critics and academic circles, and the borrowing countries, and provides a board overview of contemporary approaches to conditionality in today's aid architecture.
Succeeding with component-based development: a practical, step-by-step roadmap. -- How components can help developers deal with conflicting pressures of cost, schedule, flexibility, and quality. -- Program planning techniques that optimize the effectiveness of component-based development in existing IT environments. -- Key challenges of component design and assembly, including scoping and managing assemblies. This book answers the key questions underlying today's dramatic shift towards component-based development (CBD): What are we trying to achieve with components, and how can we define and implement components so that we accomplish our goals? It goes beyond identifying the compelling benefits of component-based development, to review the key challenges and obstacles that face designers and developers -- and to present today's best solutions. The author begins by showing why components offer exceptional promise in helping developers cope with the conflicting pressures of cost, schedule, flexibility, and quality. She clearly defines components, compares current component models, shows how components relate to other development techniques, and offers new insight into the ownership, scope, and organizational impact of CBD initiatives. The book includes detailed coverage of software architecture and component definition, addressing key issues such as coarse vs. fine-grained components. It outlines the essential tasks associated with creating and refining an effective CBD strategy; then walks through every aspect of implementation, from planning and organization through acquisition of third-party components, new component design, assembly, testing, certification, and maintenance. Itconcludes with a case study on migrating a mainframe-based organization towards components as it introduces new call center and Internet-based applications.
A basic Handbook for every student of classics that will instruct him/her in how to research every area of classical studies, from undergraduate dissertation upwards. It will also be of assistance to scholars and complements standard reference books by concentrating on 'how-to' topics.
Topical new vegetarian cookbook which excludes hidden fats and sugars in everyday foods. Over 150 new recipes for Rose Elliot fans. Diets low in fat and low in sugar are essential for well-being. This new cookbook drives home the message that keeping to a diet both low in fat and sugar can prevent health problems. Rose Elliot tempts the tastebuds with a wide range of vegetarian meals which will appeal to health conscious people, with a special focus for those who: * want to lose weight * those suffering from diabetes and blood sugar problems * suffer from candida (she has also excluded certain fruits and yeast which allow candida to proliferate) * worry about their heart health This book will also enter the healthy foods debate with a topical look at food labelling -- many products that are marked 'low fat' often mean 'high in sugar' -- as well as a look at the hidden sugars in processed foods.
Germany's first democracy, the Weimar Republic, ended with the naming of Adolf Hitler as chancellor in January 1933. This study focuses on individual workers in Berlin and their strategies of confronting the daily crises which were introduced by the transformation of society after 1918 and intensified during the Depression. Tensions between the sexes and generations, among neighbors, within families, and between citizens and their political parties led to the emergence of a radical, and at times violent, neighborhood culture that signaled a loss of faith in political institutions.
"Students reading Scott have come away with a real appreciation of the hardships under which these workers built Magnitogorsk and of the nearly incredible enthusiasm with which many of them worked." -- Ronald Grigor Suny "A genuine grassroots account of Soviet life -- a type of book of which there have been far too few." -- William Henry Chamberlin, New York Times, 1943 ..". a rich portrait of daily life under Stalin." -- New York Times Book Review General readers, students, and specialists alike will find much of relevance for understanding today's Soviet Union in this new edition of John Scott's vivid exploration of daily life in the formative days of Stalinism.
This brand new translation of Martin Heidgger's Mindfulness (Besinnung) makes available in English for the first time Heidegger's second major being-historical treatise. Here Heidegger returns to and elaborates in detail many of the individual dimensions of the historically self-showing and transforming allotments of be-ing. In addition to the main text, this volume also includes two further important texts, A Retrospective Look at the Pathway (1937/8) and 'The Wish and the Will (On Preserving What is Attempted)' (1937/8), in which Heidegger surveys his unpublished works, gives instructions for their eventual publication, talks about his relationship to Catholic and Protestant Christianity, and reflects on his life's path. This is a major new translation of a key text from one of the most important thinkers of the twentieth century. This volume is translated by Parvis Emad, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at DePaul University, Chicago, and Thomas Kalary, Professor of Philosophy at Suvidya College, Bangalore.
According to the NACFAM (National Council for Advanced Manufacturing -USA) Sustainable Manufacturing is defined "as the creation of manufactured products that use processes that are non-polluting, conserve energy and natural resources, and are economically sound and safe for employees, communities, and consumers." The book covers Sustainable Manufacturing techniques such as materials and manufacturing for renewable energies; clean manufacturing technology; ecological manufacturing; energy-efficient manufacturing; remanufacturing; recycling of materials; environmentally conscious design and manufacturing processes; sustainable advanced manufacturing systems; manufacturability in sustainable product design; education and training for sustainable manufacturing.
This book offers both a clear account of theoretical approaches to television drama and readings of a range of television drama texts. Arguing that TV drama is a key site for exploring the usefulness of contemporary theories of identity, culture and representation, it offers a framework which links this analysis to theoretical concepts explored elsewhere in cultural, media and film studies over recent years. Each chapter provides a critical account of a specific theoretical approach, outlining its history and scope, and demonstrating its application across a range of TV dramas, ending with a close reading of particular examples. Organized around the themes of identity and subjectivity, the book encompasses a wide range of approaches and texts, from sitcom, to docudrama, to sci fi, and is an ideal resource for undergraduate students of media studies, cultural studies, communication studies, and television and film studies.
Have you been told that your child has autism? If so, you are not alone. The most recent statistics released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2013 indicate that 1 in every 88 children are on the spectrum. This number is up from 1 in 150 children in the year 2000. While the cause of this rise remains under speculation, the prevalence indicates that many families are faced with the same challenges and questions you may have. As the statistics of children diagnosed with autism continue to rise, the information available on the internet also increases. Wading through the masses of information on the internet can be staggering and time consuming. This book will empower you with the information you need.Although each child with autism is different, the overall challenges, struggles and needs remain the same. In this book, Angela helps you understand early on how to help and support your child, as well as get the help and support that you need. The information is empowering and the professional jargon is left out. Angela's personal advice and understanding is contained in these pages to help you cope and succeed in the years to come. Within this book, you will find an introduction to autism, what you can expect and common difficulties experienced in the areas of communication, socialization, behaviors and sensory issues. Angela teaches you how to support each area in the home and shows you how to develop unique parenting skills needed to successfully communicate with your child. You will be able to measure success, pinpoint common mistakes and successfully connect to the best support agencies, service providers and parent support groups.Join Angela on Facebook at more at
What can an anthropological study of Israeli cross-border egg donation contribute to the important debate of the global ethics of human egg traffic? What happens to nationalism and citizenship in an era of globalized egg trade? How are women's bodies in different national contexts positioned in unequal and conflicting relationships with each other under capitalism? In addition to addressing these questions, Michal Nahman also asks methodological questions for anthropologists and other social scientists about how we tell stories about science and the body. Can we simply tell them in a vacuum or are global developments important not just as a backdrop but as an integral part of the story of new reproductive technologies?
A detailed case study of one community's efforts to use the environmental assessment process to oppose a "big-box" megamall. Analysis of requirements and tactics at each process stage and of the major obstacles to grassroots participation in this process and in regulatory politics and liberal democracy generally.
"Payepot and His People "was first published serially by "The Western Producer." In 1957 it was published in book form by the Saskatchewan History and Folklore Society. Abel Watetch was a nephew of Chief Payepot and a veteran of World War I. As noted in the introduction to the 1957 edition, Watetch had earlier set down in "fine, clear handwriting" the previously unwritten history of his people, having "assembled many of the recollections of his kin to 'set the record right'," These writings were the basis of the story told here in Payepot and His People, supplemented by further recollections by Watetch and his friend, Chief Sitting Eagle Changing Position (Harry Ball), documented either on tape or through written correspondence.
Laugh along with this Minnesota mom as she chronicles her ups and downs of motherhood through witty and hilarious status updates. Enjoy the amusing quotes, oddball antics and generalized craziness of a house filled with boys.

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