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    Buy sell or trade vintage and used automobiles with confidence The 2010 Collector Car Price Guide gives you over 250,000 values for 146 car and truck makers from 1899 to 2002. Itas compact, comprehensive and uses the trusted Old Cars Weekly 1-6 vehicle rating scale to provide accurate, up-to-the minute values.
    The great spiritual traditions of Asia in a remarkably compact format. Included are Indian, Tibetan, and Zen Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Yoga, T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Shinto, Confucianism, Feng Shui, and Falun Gong, with brief discussions and excerpts from key works like "The Tibetan Book of the Dead" and "The Book of Five Rings," including the complete "I Ching" and "The Book of Tao." Excellent for casual reading, classroom surveys, and for anyone wanting a broad view of how the Asian ways complement and reflect each other. Fully indexed. Frank MacHovec, a retired psychologist, has been a student of Eastern philosophies for decades and has previously published translations of several sacred works. He lives in eastern Virginia.
    From coffee to marijuana to smart drugs, Dr. Weil's definitive guide to legal and illegal drugs - revised and updated for the 1990's.
    The richest open territory in the West is up for grabs, and Skye Fargo is caught between a lot of nasty people who would do anything to claim it for themselves Now no longer able to tell the bad guys from the good, all he can be sure of is that the bidding is being done with bullets -- and each one has his name on it
    A senior writer for Christianity Today offers a compelling and finely crafted inspirational biography to bring us the story of Keith Jasper, an American entrepreneur with a desire to help rebuild a nation nearly destroyed by greed and neglect. Includes stirring photographs from an award-winning photographer.
    A blend of the light and the serious, the enlightening and the entertaining that have formed part of the Dartmouth story since Eleazar Wheelock went into the wilderness.
    2016/2017 Silver Birch Express Award Shortlisted 2016/2017 Hackmatack Children's Choice Book Award Shortlisted The second instalment in a series of scary tall tales from acclaimed children's novelist Philippa Dowding. I will never leave this car, the back seat reeks of everything my little brother has ever eaten, and that thing is still out there ... Myles and his family have been driving for four days. It's their final night on the road, but Myles knows they will never arrive at their new house. It will never stop raining. And even if they do get there (which is doubtful), he knows he will never have friends again. He also knows that something is following them in the dark, rainy fields outside their car. Something monstrous . Once the monster arrives, things go very wrong. Myles and his family get lost, their car keeps breaking down, and a strange old man and his dog turn up, again and again. Then things get really weird. Myles is pretty sure it's all his fault: he's the only one who can see the monster. He's the only one who can hear the monster. And hardest of all? He's the only one who can make it go away.
    When published Faulkner Fox's article on motherhood, "What I Learned from Losing My Mind," the response was so overwhelming that Salon reran the piece twice. The experience made Faulkner realize that she was not alone--that the country is full of women who are anxious and conflicted about their roles as mothers and wives. In Dispatches from a Not-So-Perfect Life, her provocative, brutally honest, and often hilarious memoir of motherhood, Faulkner explores the causes of her unhappiness, as well as the societal and cultural forces that American mothers have to contend with. From the time of her first pregnancy, Faulkner found herself--and her body--scrutinized by doctors, friends, strangers, and, perhaps most of all, herself. In addition to the significant social pressures of raising the perfect child and being the perfect mom, Faulkner also found herself increasingly incensed by the unequal distribution of household labor and infuriated by the gender inequity in both her home and others'. And though she loves her children and her husband passionately, is thankful for her bountiful middle-class life, and feels wracked with guilt for being unhappy, she just can't seem to experience the sense of satisfaction that she thought would come with the package. She's finally got it all--the husband, the house, the kids, an interesting part-time job, even a few hours a week to write--so why does she feel so conflicted? Faulkner sheds light on the fear, confusion, and isolation experienced by many new mothers, mapping the terrain of contemporary domesticity, marriage, and motherhood in a voice that is candid, irreverent, and deeply personal, while always chronicling the unparalleled joy she and other mothers take in their children.
    What better way to shower a mother and baby with love than with gifts made by hand? Even the not-so-crafty get the itch to create when a new baby arrives on the scene. "Baby Gifts" is the perfect collection of easy-to-make handmade heirlooms for every level of ability, all filled with sweet sentiments and warm wishes sure to make the little one feel welcome. The book features easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for 30 irresistible treasures, including embroidered One-of-a-Kind Onesies, a cozy Snuggle Suit, a charming Vintage Toy Chest, and a soft Silky Quilt. Illustrated with beautiful full-color photographs of every finished project and complete with accessible directions, this is an enchanting and usable guide to creating gifts to be cherished for years to come.
    This definitive tutorial and guide to LightWave's hidden power provides a breakdown of functions and some of the most popular plug-ins. -- Explores LightWave's more advanced features -- Enables users to begin creating professional-quality LightWave animations -- CD-ROM includes models, textures, project files, and demonstrations of LightWave animations
    Welcome to the Scimitar Hotel, a discreet hideaway of luxury fantasy suites for couples, where anything goes and the wildest desires become unforgettable realities-if just for one red-hot night. Here there is no such thing as going too far. Nothing is taboo. And no one is watching. It also gives Janice Maynard free rein to go as far as her heart desires in three novellas, each catering to specific, wild, and uncensored tastes.
    45 original plates by noted modern artist and illustrator show plants, shells, birds, insects in strange, marvelous combinations. Remarkable fusion of nature and art, certain to catch and hold any viewer. Create abstract, surreal designs. 45 plates; 4 in color on covers.
    Brief and inexpensive, this vocabulary worktext contains concise instruction and extensive practice exercises on dictionary and thesaurus usage, context clues, and word parts. Included are practice exercises for each topic, which integrate chapter content and demonstrate relevance to the readings. A variety of formats is used to maintain interest and motivation. Exercises integrate chapter content and demonstrate relevance to the readings. High-Utility Word Lists, arranged by academic discipline, enlarge readers' general vocabulary while offering practice exercises to strengthen and sustain interest. Website cross references direct readers to visit suggested sites for skill reinforcement and practice. "Vocabulary for the 21st Century" section explores interesting features of language while expanding word awareness. "Exploring Language" boxes stimulate interest in language and introduce unique features of the English Language. For those interested in expanding their vocabulary.
    Genie Geometry comes to class! This talkative girl loves to tell stories about The Wonderful World of Genie Geometry: Story Book. She will introduce her family and tell the reason why they acquired their shapes. That girl is also an artist. She can draw pretty well, and will be glad to guide the kids in drawing and coloring the different shapes of her family. Isn¿t it exciting! Meet Genie and have fun exploring the wonders of geometry with her!
    Written for credential candidates who have taken or are taking reading methods courses, "Ready for RICA" will prepare candidates to take and to pass the written examination format of the Reading Instruction Competence Assessment (RICA). Introduction to the test and test-taking strategies; streamlined, offering the essential information candidates should know before they take the test; a chapter for each Content Area exposes readers to the 13 content areas they are required to know; a sample test, included at the end of the book, with answers, shows readers the type of questions they will be asked and provides examples of good responses. For credential candidates for the Multiple Subject Credential Program in California.
    From the publishers of The Unofficial Guide(r) to Walt Disney World (r) "A Tourist's Best Friend " -Chicago Sun-Times "Indispensable" -The New York Times Five Great Features and Benefits offered ONLY by The Unofficial Guide (r): * Honest, streetwise advice that allows you to feel safe, comfortable, and at home in the Big Apple * Hotels at every price level, ranked and rated for value and quality of rooms-plus proven strategies for getting the best rates * The best restaurants for every taste and budget * How to get tickets to the hottest Broadway shows-and not pay full price for them * The straight truth on all the attractions, from Central Park to the Statue of Liberty
    In this new textbook, Professor Bryan Turner describes and contributes to the sociological analysis of medicine. He provides an overview of the debates through which the sociology of medicine has developed and connects major issues in health and disease to central problems in social theory.
    All I Need By Sally Painter Danielle celebrates her thirtieth birthday at Savannah's hottest new nightclub. The club's owner, Armonds Tresnv-mysterious, dark and very sexy-weaves an erotic spell around Danielle she is powerless to resist. The night slips away in a whirl of erotic passion, but their fiery lovemaking turns deadly when Danielle discovers her sexy lover is a vampire with a secret agenda. A vampire king, Armonds must marry before midnight or suffer an ancient curse. When Danielle unknowingly passes the required compatibility tests, Armonds realizes Danielle is the one. His seduction climaxes on the stroke of midnight when, in an earth-shattering orgasmic peak, Danielle is transformed into a vampire and his eternal mate. Thrust into a life she didn't ask for and doesn't want, Danielle finds adjusting to life as a vampire is difficult enough, but soon realizes life as a queen has hidden dangers. Someone in the court wants her destroyed to ensure Armonds falls victim to the curse. The traitor didn't count on the lust between Armonds and Danielle turning into a once-in-a-lifetime love. It is only their passion for each other that can save them.or ultimately destroy them.
    SERIES COPY:] With clear, open designs and exhaustive directories of verbs, including lists of model verbs conjugated in full, Oxford Verbpacks provide quick and easy access to all the details needed to learn and use a verb correctly. In these pages, readers will find full information about each verb, including meaning and usage, pattern of conjugation, and prepositions required. Oxford Verbpacks also offer quick-access verb directories that take you to the verb table you require instantly, and identification lists to show from which verb each irregular form derives.
    For persons who are too busy to attend a retreat scheduled by someone else, Anthea Dove provides the pattern, framework, and discipline for a self-directed spiritual retreat.
    This inaugural volume in the MLA series Teaching Languages, Literatures, and Cultures provides an overview of second language acquisition research. Is language a system of linguistic forms to be acquired by the study of grammar, or is language a means of communication, where students learn not by studying rules but by engaging straightaway in the use of language to convey meanings? Which approach is better in the classroom? The vibrant field of second language acquisition research is now carefully examining questions like these. Written for a nonspecialized audience -- for readers who share an interest in foreign language teaching and learning -- Learning Foreign and Second Languages addresses both theory and methodology. Administrators, department chairs, curriculum and materials developers, teachers, and graduate students will find this collection of essays enlightening.
    When Thou Art Converted is a compilation of messages and lessons to challenge, motivate and inspire the body of Christ. Many believers live a life of secret sin and compromise not answering God's call for righteousness and true holiness as stated in Galatians 4:24. This book challenges the reader to truly consider their conversion and calls for proof of the evidence as given in Scripture. It will also help the reader identify their stage of development within the womb of the Spirit; many claims on maturity are made by some who are actually in the embryonic or fetal stage. When Thou Art Converted provides a simple approach to a complex issue, and through Biblical truth, will break down but then build up the reader, sharing profound truth that cries loudly over strongholds and battle grounds to come forth in a new life of blessing and grace.
    Tamara Ames is sixteen years old, pregnant, and on her own when she arrives in the small lumber town of Fir Valley, Oregon, determined to make a new life for herself and her child. And when she falls victim to a diabolical scheme to steal her newborn baby from her, she is not about to give up her child without a fight, even if she has to take on the wealthiest and most powerful family in the county. But is Tamara fighting against her child's own best interests Only she can decide. And it's a decision that she and her child will have to live with for the rest of their lives. In "Tamara's Child," a first novel by B K Mayo, the author weaves from sensuous detail a storyline as gritty and complex as life itself. Loss, treachery, greed, even murder play roles in this riveting tale. But in the end, it is the redemptive value of unconditional love that drives the pivotal action of the novel. One part suspense, one part drama, and wholly satisfying, "Tamara's Child" plumbs the psyche of a dynamic cast of characters, some motivated by self-interest, some by self-sacrifice, some by self-doubt, but all clinging to the hope that they can ultimately wring from life the happiness and fulfillment that has thus far been denied them.
    When Kip gets trapped on a slimy, gross planet, he thinks it's the worst mission ever. Then he meets the gigantic hairy monsters that are stuck there as well ...
    "Bead Power" explores the history of beads -- both from a global perspective and from the role they have played in Carolyn Manzi's life. Illustrated in the same whimsical style as Carolyn's Coloring Your Prayers, the book also looks at beads in the context of creating art, healing, rituals, relationships, and change in your life. The book is divided into six sections, ranging from a chronicle of the author's life with beads to A History of Beads -- from ancient Egypt and Rome to Native American fetishes. In addition Manzi explains the meaning of different stones and materials -- from the use of lapis lazuli for wisdom; quartz for power; copper for harmony; shell for protection as well as the significance of shape, the power of color, and the properties of beads from specific cultures. There is also a section devoted to making jewelry and power objects as well as a list of Bead Societies.
    Comprehensive Classroom Management presents practical methods for creating a positive learning environment, working with behavior problems, and other challenges in the classroom." This text uses real-life examples to help pre-service and in-service teachers understand and apply the principles of classroom management in their own classroom situations. Through numerous case studies, examples, and descriptions of specific strategies based on solid research and classroom experience, Comprehensive Classroom Management features classrooms ranging from kindergarten through twelfth grade. The book's approach is to focus on creating positive learning environments, and it provides extensive, practical materials on both problem-solving and building individual behavior change plans for students with behavioral problems." For pre-service and in-service teachers of elementary or secondary education, curriculum & instruction, educational psychology, or special education.
    What actually happens to organizations during gender and organization change endeavors? This book takes an in-depth look at the experience of seven Novib partner organizations in the Middle East and South Asia who undertook the challenge of the Gender Focus Programme. It recounts their analysis of their organization, and the route they chose to follow. The book presents field experiences of managing the politically sensitive agenda of promoting gender equality in the NGOs and negotiating the contradictions between using Organizational Development tools and promoting gender equality.In doing so, it shows how organizational change for gender equality is an integral part of gender mainstreaming processes. As a decade of evidence suggests, gender mainstreaming is vulnerable to becoming technocratic and ineffective. These seven organizations, unable to separate entirely the integral change process from their extrernal work as NGOs, experiences a spillover of gender justice concerns into their work in the field, with a variety of program results.
    The aim of this major revision is to create a contemporary text which incorporates the best features of calculus reform yet preserves the main structure of an established and well-tested calculus course. The multivariate calculus material is completely rewritten to include the concept of a vector field and focuses on major physics and engineering applications of vector analysis. Covers such new topics as Jacobians, Kepler's laws, conics in polar coordinates and parametric representation of surfaces. Contains expanded use of calculator computations and numerous exercises.
    "Voices from the Prostate Underground offers excellent insight into the experiences of men and their families who have dealt with and survived prostate cancer. Their testimonies provide a great encouragement for those facing treatment." J. Lynn Martell, Director of Special Services, Radiation Medicine, Loma Linda University Medical Center Men don't talk about Prostate Cancer, so who is a guy supposed to talk to about treatment options and other "guy" issues when he is diagnosed with prostate cancer? Talk to a urologist, and they generally recommend surgery. Talk to a radiation oncologist, and radiation is the best approach. Others health care providers prescribe hormones, "watchful waiting," laparoscopic surgery, cryosurgery, brachytherapy, and more. What doctors recommend is based on their own experiences, training, and professional bias. The "whole story" is not generally available from any one specialist and what you hear from your doctor generally results in more questions than answers. "Voices from the Prostate Underground" includes the stories of men and their families, who have survived prostate cancer through a variety of treatments. The stories are told in their own, unique voices as each man answers the five questions that newly diagnosed men most often ask those who have survived the disease: How were you diagnosed? What did you decide to do? What treatment did you decide on? How did things work out? How did the experience affect your life? All funds raised from the sale of this book will be donated to UsToo and the Slater Research Chair at the Loma Linda University Medical Center to support cancer research and treatment.
    Praying and Praising Across Texas is a 49 day prayer guide for Christians to pray for elected leaders and the Great State of Texas.
    When the streets are empty and kids are called home for dinner and put to bed, the world becomes a magical place. It's only then that the night children emerge from the shadows, ready to play. In this evocative and lyrical picture book, it is the night children who rule, taking over the world that the day children have left behind. The mischievous night children frolic in the twilight, rummaging for treasures and scattering surprises, stealing slices of the moon and dancing on rooftops. Only when dawn breaks do they tuck themselves away. But if you look very closely, you might just catch a glimpse of them disappearing as you wake up. Were the night children ever really there, or did you dream them? Complemented by beautiful, glowing artwork, this poetic story about the allure of a world unknown and the parallels between imagination and reality will ignite the creative souls of children everywhere.
    A short, up-to-date, practical and readable guide to strategy formulation, this book is designed for practicing executives who are getting ready to assume broader responsibilities. By focusing on strategic thinking and using real-life examples and historical references, this book is a must-read for the serious executive strategist. The first chapter defines strategy and its effect on a corporation's effectiveness; and then in subsequent chapters covers the external strategic environment, the analysis of a firm's physical assets, the development of a competitive strategy, different industry environments, corporate strategy and competition, different strategy choices, global strategy, and implementing and controlling a chosen strategic direction. For CEOs, senior executives, general managers, vice-presidents, divisional managers, and consultants.
    "Up in Flames" is the first comprehensive study of the traditional Chinese craft of paper sculpture: the construction in bamboo and paper of human figures, figures of gods, buildings, and other objects--all intended to be ritually burned. The book documents this ancient craft as it exists today in Taiwan. The fascinating fundamentals of the craft, the tools and materials, as well as the techniques used to construct houses and human figures, never investigated before, are described and illustrated in detail. The written material is augmented by many color photographs showing the objects and the men and women who make them. Although the tradition of burning objects as a part of religious ceremonies is still strong, the traditional paper and bamboo objects are being more and more often replaced by plastic components and whole preprinted cardboard counterparts. The resulting changes in the personal, business, and especially the creative and artistic side of the craft are therefore also addressed.
    For use in schools and libraries only. On the planet of Aurakis, men, nature, and time attend the messianic and evolutionary growth of Leto and his twin sister Ghanima, children and successors of the mighty Muad'Dib.
    Life is pretty sweet for the three little pigs...until a hungry wolf named Tempesto shows up one morning. Percy, Pete, and Prudence refuse to let themselves become breakfast without a fight -- but can anything save the plucky pigs once Tempesto starts huffing and puffing? With his hilarious retelling and irresistible illustrations, Steven Kellogg masterfully updates the classic folktale for a whole new generation of readers.
    Research from 28 countries highlights the scope and variety of curricular change made possible by educational technology.
    Photo Adventure books include interactive text and fun facts about baby animals. This series is a non-fiction / fiction hybrid, blending a fictional adventure with fun facts and featuring spectacular photography of the baby animals in their natural habitat. Baby Elephant's Fun in the Sun: Join the baby elephant on her play day. Watch her flap her ears, roll in the mud and learn the ways of an adult elephant. "Fact Stops" throughout the book include interesting info about elephants and their behavior in the wild
    With the 2008 MLA Update edition, A Writer's Resource, 2/e continues to set the bar for contemporary handbooks. Writing and research have changed dramatically since the first hardcover handbooks appeared. Today's students don't rely on pens or typewriters: they use computers to write. They don't just do research: they find their way through a maze of online information. They don't just read print: they analyze visuals. They don't just come to class: they participate in an online learning community. These changes have put new demands on composition courses. With its focus on writing in today's environment, integrated coverage of technology and visual rhetoric, hallmark coverage of writing across the curriculum, and brief, tabbed format A Writer's Resource, 2/e has been designed to provide today's students with a compact, easy-to-use resource for writing in college and beyond.
    - opportunities for predicting and good models for student writing - short chapters, carefully chosen vocabulary, and close text/illustration matches
    Even in today's irreverent climate, you can help bring your kids closer to God. No matter the age or stage of your children, you'll find encouragement as you read Timothy Jones' new book, "Nurturing a Child's Soul." An experienced traveler on the road of parenting and a student and teacher on the subject of the spiritual life, Jones offers unique parenting insights through his "Ten Soul Nourishers." And Jones' delightful stories and gracious wisdom will uplift your spirit as you discover new ways to nourish your child's soul. As parents, we worry about our kids getting pulled under by our culture's negative currents. We try to shout over the deafening roar of media blitzes, school propaganda, and peer pressure. And we wonder how to raise faithful children. "Nurturing a Child's Soul" offers you the hope and encouragement you need for any phase of parenting, including such specifics as: Nourishing their belief in a fascinating, life-changing God, Nourishing their need for order, stability, and dependable relationships, Nourishing their spiritual awareness that God is bigger than their fears and anxieties, and Nourishing their God-given sensitivity toward the world around them and those who are hurting. For parents of older children who sometimes feel they haven't done enough, Jones provides ideas for taking small steps toward communication and intimacy, showing you how to take advantage of teachable moments by fully "focusing on the present."
    Witty, suspenseful, and featuring an engaging cast of characters -- both human and canine -- Laurien Berenson's Melanie Travis mysteries have been winners with readers and reviewers.. Now in the seventh installment, "Unleashed", Melanie finds herself tracking down the killer of her fiance's ex-wife, co-publisher of Woof , a new gossip rag for the dog show world.
    Fate is a universal concept. Call it what you may: destiny, luck, kismet or coincidence. The common thread in this fascinating anthology is the presence of fate in everyday lives, a force that intervenes. The stories in this book will make you laugh, some will make you cry, some will amaze you, while still others will inspire and motivate you. But each true account carries the imprint of its author, allowing his or her perspective to light the way to a unique interpretation of fate. While some storytellers simply allow for the presence of destiny or fate, others connect their experiences to a Higher Power, whether Guardian Angel or God or both. No matter your theological stance, by the end of this book, you may be loath to attribute the events recounted here to happenstance. These experiences with fate, some of which were written by the editors, span several decades and cross continents, highlighting the elements of timelessness and universality of the concept of fate. For fate is indeed a timeless concept. The ancient Greeks believed that fate was more powerful than the gods. What do you believe?
    "On the eve of her ninth birthday, unassuming Rose Edelstein, a girl at the periphery of schoolyard games and her distracted parents' attentions, bites into her mother's homemade lemon-chocolate cake and discovers she has a gift: she can taste her mother's emotions in the cake. But her gift is no blessing, for her mother - her cheerful, good-with-crafts, can-do mother - tastes of despair and desperation. Suddenly, and for the rest of her life, food becomes a peril and a threat to Rose."--Back cover.
    Could it be that someone in Bernie Magruder's own family, the family that did such a good job of managing the Bessledorf Hotel, was the one who bombed the bus depot next door?Bernie didn't want to believe it.But why else was Delores, his sister, so delighted that her former boyfriend had almost been hit by the bomb?And what was Bernie's brother Joseph making behind the locked basement door?Officer Feeney said that families gave him more trouble than anyone else, and Bernie was beginning to understand why. On the one hand, it was Bernie who gave Officer Feeney the information that made him suspicious about Delores-and brought him over to talk to Delores often enough that Mrs. Magruder was sure there would soon be a wedding in the family.And it was Bernie who told his friends Georgene and Weasel about Joseph.But, on the other hand, it was Bernie who led his friends into sleuthing to get at the truth of the matter.A hard job, especially after the first bomb was followed by several more. The bombs were a baffling mystery, with Bernie suspecting his family and at the same time trying to prove that none of them was involved.As always, Bernie, his family, their pets, friends, and guests prove that crime doesn't pay.
    Amen Finally someone has written a guide for first-time Christian authors interested in successfully marketing their books. Having taken a witty and informative approach, author Leon Mentzer uses his sense of humor and straightforward writing style to guide new authors through the marketing process and on to the top of the sales charts. All too often, marketing books deal with overwhelming information and facts that are geared toward publishers. Authors need to know the simple basic facts about how to market their book from the very first step. What do I do now that I?ve signed a publishing contract? What does a publisher do? How do I market my book? You will find handy and informative marketing tips that won?t break your budget, as well as information on creating a positive working relationship with your publisher. This simple how-to guide will find its way onto the bookshelves of authors as the definitive resource to marketing Christian books.
    The Let's Leap Ahead series provides kids with colorful, reusable educational tools. With Let's Leap Ahead Phonics , kids will be able to follow clear steps in order to learn phonics. Using the attached dry erase marker, they'll be able to practice again and again. Vibrant pictures and fun activities are also featured, making learning easy and entertaining. The Let's Leap Ahead books are easy and convenient to carry and transport anywhere for hours of learning and fun!
    These jokes, illustrated with lots of comic cartoons, are doggone funny--and we're not kitten around! What kind of pet pooch does Dracula have? A bloodhound . What do you get if you cross a bird with a snake? A feather boa . How about this notice: Domestic cat needed to do light mousework . Every quip and pun will make you howl with laughter! This revised edition features a new design and vibrant, two-color interiors!
    In her first novel,Kissing Doorknobs, Terry Spencer Hesser has written an inspiring, often humorous novel about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a topic that merits discussion and compassion. Fourteen-year-old Tara Sullivan has always been a worrier. On the surface, she has been able to behave like a normal girl. But when she is 11 years old, she hears a phrase that changes her life:Step on a crack, break your mother's back. Now, everywhere she goes, Tara must count every crack in the sidewalk. If she gets interrupted or loses her place, she has to go home and start all over again. As she gets older, her "habits" don't get better--they change and increase. She has to arrange her meals, recite prayers, and chat with her dolls, over and over again. Tara does not know why she has these habits, she just knows that she has no choice: she has to complete the rituals. Then one day, before leaving the house, she finds herself kissing her fingertips and touching the doorknob . . . . Terry Spencer Hesser is a screenwriter and a documentary filmmaker.Kissing Doorknobsis based on her personal experience with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
    Izzy's never been one to complain -- Izzy's the nice girl, from a family that believes good manners and a stiff upper lip are key to facing any situation. Even after a car accident leaves her disabled, she's determined not to show how much she's hurting. It takes Rosamunde, a girl who seems to care nothing about good manners, to forcibly disrupt Izzy's life and help her face her changed existence.
    This collection of essays written by powerful and influential nurse leaders explores twenty-one different paths toward nursing leadership. The essays are organized around the foundational stepping stones in the critical path of nursing leadership--education, practice, professional involvement, mentoring, and networking. In addition, the expanding role of technology in the nursing profession is explored in a complete chapter devoted to informatics and the Internet. This text is useful for both the new nurse just beginning a career as well as the practicing nurse seeking to take on more of a leadership role in the profession. This eclectic collection of stories offers twenty-one different perspectives that provoke thought, stir critical thinking, and provoke action. Your path to leadership will be your own unique journey.

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